Uhh... help needed?

2017-02-26 21:27:52 by Jretion

I've been having issues with my phone and shit. Like, my phone shows my artist name in the old stylising where I spelt it as Jrétion. I spell it in lowercase now but even when I use an ID3 tag editor, it changes the spelling to Jrétion and this is kinda frustrating tbh. If anyone has some answers, please lemme know; I'm kinda frustrated tbh.


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2017-02-26 21:32:11

An app called "Music Tagger" for Android. Are you using it? Or do you not have Android?

(Updated ) Jretion responds:

Already tried it. Even if I spell it "jretion" in the tagger, it changes the spelling to Jrétion. Even after wiping the ID3 tags manually on my PC, it still shows up as Jrétion. I have no idea what's causing this and searching Google has yielded 0 useful results.

EDIT: Seems to only be a problem on the native Android music player; Google Play Music displays it properly.


2017-02-26 21:44:08

Delete all files with the artist name from your phone. Then make sure you have them edited on your PC. Transfer the files again. It's something with the media metadata that is stored in the system files on Android.

Jretion responds:

I've already done that. Still not fixed. It's really bizarre tbh.


2017-02-26 22:46:52

I just noticed your edit. Try a different music player app. I like PlayerPro, though it's not free.

Jretion responds:

I use Google Play Music; it's good enough. Thanks for your help tho.