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So, I've finally moved in with my dad after a long process taking about half a year. Now that half of a year's behind me and it should be good from now on. That's about it for now.

It's my birthday?

2017-06-07 18:21:11 by Jretion

Lmao I'm 17 today. In 2 years I'll be legally an adult by Nova Scotian law. In the meantime I'll suffer like I always do.

Uhh... help needed?

2017-02-26 21:27:52 by Jretion

I've been having issues with my phone and shit. Like, my phone shows my artist name in the old stylising where I spelt it as Jrétion. I spell it in lowercase now but even when I use an ID3 tag editor, it changes the spelling to Jrétion and this is kinda frustrating tbh. If anyone has some answers, please lemme know; I'm kinda frustrated tbh.

The Nova Scotian gov't has passed bill 57 forcing public teachers to accept a new contract and thus ending work to rule. That's basically it.

Over the past few months in Nova Scotia (my home province), there's been a dispute between the NSTU (Nova Scotia Teachers Union) and the Nova Scotian government. Due to the new contract being offered by the government was not what the teachers were willing to settle for, they began a type of job action called work to rule (grève du zèle in French; I go to a French school). The dispute seems to have gone on long enough that teachers (at least the majority) are willing to strike, which they will be doing on Friday. I wanted to let you know about this because not even people in nearby provinces know about it, and I thought it might interest at least someone. I'll be quiet now.

Happy Valentines Day I Guess

2017-02-14 16:26:54 by Jretion

happy valentines day hopefully you have a life unlike me, so go spend it with someone you love kthx bye

Hi again. It's been a while since my last post so I may as well update you people. My second semester of high school started so I have less time to work on stuff because I need to focus on Canadian History, Chemistry, and French class. Yesterday I also started with a headache and the fact I couldn't form complete sentences easily, so I might be experiencing a migraine of some sort; hurts enough to be one tbh. Hopefully things'll be a bit more smooth-sailing later on, so, that'll be nice. Until then.

New Year's Eve Post

2016-12-31 17:47:29 by Jretion

Got a sicc new MIDI controller and now hopefully I can work more efficiently as a result. I also got a vinyl copy of Shoot the Moons.

Penultimate Post on Home and Shit

2016-11-20 18:16:50 by Jretion

Just moved to my grandma's house because my mom's a bitch. Hopefully dad can buy back the house, have it cleaned up and shit, and then actually have a good home!

EDIT: Final update will be when I finally get my home back.

New song soon; film project.

2016-11-17 22:48:40 by Jretion

Making a music tutorial for film class, and I'm making a song because of it. It'll be up on here soon, I promise.